Don't spend hours researching when and how to start solid foods with your baby--I did it for you.

This comprehensive-but-concise online course is broken into bite-size modules to walk you through the basics of offering your baby food.

  • When, how, and why to start solids
  • Signs of readiness
  • What you need to start
  • Great first foods and how to prepare them
  • How to approach allergens
  • Other factors like water and utensils
  • Red flags and typical development

When you're done, you will feel informed and confident in your approach to feeding. Whether your baby is 3 months or 9 months, drinking human milk or formula or both, there's information to help you.

You also get a printable handout with helpful highlights to remind you (or another caregiver) of certain points. You get lifetime access, so you can always review the course later.